RAGBRAI 2018 – Day 6

RAGBRAI 2018 – Day 6

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http://www.theroadrider.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/img_2512.movThere is a personality test called the “Strengths Finder” that I have used for decades.  Finding out what my top five strengths are and focusing on them was a life saver 20+ years ago. I still refer to them often, if not daily.

About a year ago I got the full list of 34 strengths with my prioritization.  (I only knew the top 5 until then.)  It did not surprise me that Adaptability was 34 of 34.  The bottom. Jeri used to kid, “Jeff is fine with being spontaneous as long as he plans for it.”  She is absolutely right.  Wednesday evening I got to put my Adaptability to the test.

Wednesday afternoon I got in early, set up my tent, did laundry, took a shower at Anytime Fitness, and got a Starbucks.  I sat there and caught up my journals, all my emails, did some work on next week.  And then I left.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that Cole was going to leave for home that morning, so we had stashed his truck at the Starbucks–I’d been doing all this with a car, not on my bike. The evening was setting up to be great. And then the truck died as I headed back to camp.

Here is where my adaptability strength came in so handy. Ha!  It took almost 3 hours, but eventually we got the truck towed.  Cole talked to his boss. I talked to mine (Jeri). We concluded that there was no sense sitting around all day tomorrow. Jeri would deal with the dealership in Newton and Cole and I would go off and ride.

So on Thursday I took off on the 100 mile loop. It was a great ride.  It may be my best 100 mile ride ever. I actually rode 106 miles, climbed 5,000’, and was on my bike for 6 hours and 45 minutes.  I rode with 4 flags but never stopped long enough to do any writing. My hope was to get back, bum a ride back to Newton and drive the truck to our new camp. Well I did, but the truck was not ready when I was and we finally picked it up around 9pm.

So today I took the day off.  I thought I would help the staff break down and set up the new camp.  They did NOT need my help. This is a smooth running machine. I unloaded bags for 15 minutes and that was about it.  I was able to run Cole’s truck through the paces. Since I was not doing anything else, I had it washed. Then I vacuumed it and cleaned the interior with Armor-all.  AND I did his laundry.  (He only brought enough to wear through Wednesday.  It was pretty smelly!  Ha)

Tomorrow, I’ll get back on the road for the last 70 miles.  Cole has talked one of our teammates into driving his truck so we can both do the final day.  Weird 48 hours.

Good thing I am so Adaptable!


The Road Rider

PS. The first 50 miles of the 100 mile day were the best of my trip so far. I got some of those wide open spaces I’ve been looking for.  Only picture I took all day was of the Shadow Man. Wow was he riding fast!