I Ride For:  Mary

I Ride For:  Mary

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Having just spent 4 days on Mackinaw Island it was impossiable not to reminisce about “simpler” times.  No cars on the island so only horses and bikes.  And of course walking.  The houses and hotels are big and very open so that the breeze can blow through. And at night when most of the day only visitors are gone, it is quiet, slow, and peaceful.

But.  I could still get to the internet. The roads were paved.  We did have air conditioning in our hotel room. And I was only 2,580 steps from a Starbucks.  So it really was not the “simple” life. We were just pozing.

As I biked around, over, and through Mackinaw Island I wondered what Mary thought of that “simpler” time.  I don’t think she is old enough to pre-date cars, but I bet there were some horses around when she was a little girl.  I imagine she, like the rest of us, think fondly of times when “things” went slower. When not everything was a rush. When writing/receiving a letter was the way we communicated long distance.

But back when she was a little girl cancer meant The End.  There were no successful treatments and even worse no hope.  Mary, like much of her family, is battling cancer with modern day treatments which bring with it that hope for more days with family and friends.

So Mary here is to the thought of days where things moved slower and letters were written and not just typed on Facebook. AND where we can benefit from today’s resources like modern medicine and Starbucks.


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