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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 4, POST 3

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I Ride For: Cari. And Starbucks!

I Ride For: Cari

I normally do all of my rides here in Iowa with one of our TeamLiveSTRONG Jerseys.  I am here with LiveSTRONG and I want to get as many people to see our stuff as possible.  Today, however, I ventured out in my Starbucks Kit.

Originally I did this to give one more thank you to my son Beau and the SanAntonio Cycling Club.  I looked for, and could not fit, a Starbucks kit last year when I was trying to see how many Starbucks I could visit in one year. (I’m pretty sure I got the world record but was never acknowledged. Ha!). Beau searched and searched and gave me this kit for my birthday.

And then I got this flag request from my sister-in-law.  I have no idea if Cari likes Starbucks or not, but she needs a boost.  She is young, has young kids, “super” positive, survived breast cancer 5+ years ago, and now has a cancer that the doctors don’t know what to do with.  I could have stopped at young and has young kids and that right there would have qualified for a Starbucks. Ha!

Cari, I actually had a “down” day today. I do not know why. It was a short day, I got an early start, and I felt great yesterday.  I just felt slow, and therefore I was slow, which caused me to feel slower.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy to “slowness”.  What a pathetic wimp I was today.

Seeing this sign to take your flag picture with (along with Bachman Turner Overdrive “Taking Care of Business”) put a little pep in my peddle for the last 15 miles.  I’m out here doing something I want to do and had a down day. I cannot imagine what a down day for you is like.  It will take a week for me to get home and get reorganized. But when I do, I’ll send you this flag along with a Starbucks gift card. Maybe it will put a little pep in your step when you need it.


The Road Rider

PS.  Adding insult to injury, after I showered I found a Starbucks and got my favorite drink, and couldn’t even drink it all!  I had the throw half of it away. Definitely a wimp today.


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