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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 4, POST 2

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TeamLiveSTRONG Camp

I Ride For: Tom










I Ride For:  Tom

Culture is an interesting thing.  We talk a lot about company culture.  Certainly, countries have different cultures.  Michigan (where I’m from) has a different culture than Iowa, and Iowa has a culture separate from RAGBRAI. (Although they blend nicely.)

I’ve already mentioned the social part of the RAGBRAI culture this week. Since today was only 60 miles, I thought I would work my way into the food culture.  I started by wearing my @Starbucks kit (thanks to my son Beau!) to get me in the eating mood. First stop was Farm Kids for a breakfast burrito.  It was great. Just like I remembered. Tomorrow I’ll try Mr. Porkchop or Beckman’s ice cream. (Some may be able to do all three in one day, but I cannot.)

Another culture thing is our camp site. When we ride in, this is generally what we see.  The @LiveSTRONG staff does such a great job setting up our camp. All we have to do when we get in is find our bags, find a place to call home for the night, and set up our tent.  (And then I have to unpack and then repack my bags 2-3 times. Ha!)

I mention all this culture stuff because Tom is a fan of exploring other cultures all over the world.  Despite his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, his friend Peggy says that he continues to travel internationally in this quest.

Well Tom, do I have a deal for you!  Next July join @TeamLiveSTRONG on @RAGBRAI. You will experience a culture you cannot find anywhere else on the planet. And you will save a bunch of money on international travel. You could use that money to be the 2019 RAGBRAI fundraising champion. I think that would be a 3 for 1 deal. I’m just trying to help out.


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  1. Kari
    July 26, 2018 at 11:09 am

    I love how you capture all aspects of RAGBRAI 🙂


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