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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 2, POST 4

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Ending Day 2 with a little work and the BEST root beer float EVER!

I had a great day.  I got going early.  I used up both bags of Scratch (sports mix) before 10 am. Ate some good food – Whisky Brownie, Fried Tofu, and pie. My riding average was 16 mph. And for the last 30 miles, I rode to tunes from The Irish Rovers, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, and John Denver.  I was to camp by 12:30 pm.  I set up tent, packed for tomorrow, started everything charging, and headed for the showers by 1:30pm.  It was great!


It is now 5 pm and most of the rest of the team is just rolling in.  They likely hit the road at 8 am instead of 6:20 am. They spent time in all the different towns scoping out the local stuff, and hung out in the beer gardens chatting.  Almost everyone rolls in with 2-5 others. RAGBRAI is about the social experience with a 450 mile bike ride thrown in.

I have never done RAGBRAI right, but this year I’m worse than normal. The good news is, I know what I’m missing. The bad news is, I’ll keep going tomorrow just like I did today.  Two reasons for this:

  1. I just cannot handle the “crush” this year. I don’t know if it’s me or if there are more people.  I keep looking for wide open spaces and there are none.  In the past I could find a park in one of the pass through towns to decompress, but so far there have been none.
  2. I have a cool job that I really like.  It is not that I have to work. I want to. We are doing well AND there are things I can do to help us do even better.  The only thing I need is time. And guess what, none of us can create time. We only get 24 hours every day.  So after I found a shower today, I found an A&W, got the best root beer in the history of the world, and worked.

Today was a great day for me.  BUT if you are reading this post and thinking of doing RAGBRAI sometime in the future, please don’t follow my lead.  If you come, plan on taking 10 hours to do a 60 mile ride.  Ride with people like my son Cole, or Gene, or Tina, or Barb and any of the others. These people know how to do RAGBRAI.


The Road Rider


  1. Kari
    July 24, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    Ha. You are doing your kind of RAGBRAI. That’s all that matters. Ride on. Enjoy the float. Work because you want to and keep making an impact to the fight against cancer 🙂


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