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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 2, POST 3

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I Ride For: Gary

I Ride For: Gary

Tomorrow morning the LiveSTRONG team will all leave camp with our annual tribute jersey on. This year we will be remembering Jeff Webb. He was my first RAGBRAI contact and ran out of time last year.

Gary also ran out of time – 2 1/2 years ago.

Why do we say, “ran out of time” instead of “lost his battle”?  It’s because the cures that work today did not exist 2 months ago, or 2 years ago, or 20 years ago. I’m a great example. I do not have cancer and never have, but only because of a test developed in 1969 – the colonoscopy.  Without this test I would for sure have cancer and would likely be dead. I have had 3 of these tests so far and had polyps at every one.

Gary had a super rare cancer. He was only 1 of 100 people in the US to have it. There was not cure, and actually very little knowledge of his form of cancer. It is not that Gary lost his battle, he ran out of time. Because surely at some time in the future the knowledge gained from studying Gary will help someone else survive.

Thank you Gary for the family you left behind and for the contribution you made to the cancer community. I wish you had more time!


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