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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 2, POST 2

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I Ride For: Ann

TOFU LUNCH! It was fantastic!



Pie in honor of Ann!

I Ride For:  Ann

Since I ate Whisky Brownies for Carrie, I thought I better eat something different for Ann. Just before I started her flag I had a bowl of noodles with vegetables and tofu.  Tofu is a little risky. It either turns out really good (like today) or it is bland and gross.  When I got back on the road I was happy with my choice. Although it felt a bit cannibalistic since we rode for miles and miles through soy bean fields.

I almost skipped the last town and then I heard someone call out “Pie”. I slammed on the breaks (I was going all of 5mph) and went back. Ann’s son-in-law is riding with us this year, but he does not eat pie.  SEE!  I told you there were weirder people than me. So I took one for the team and choked down a piece of rhubarb pie. (The things I do for you, Scot.)

Ann, I know you are having a tough time.  There will be pie tomorrow, and on Wednesday, and on Thursday, and on Friday, and on Saturday. If you tell me (or let Scot know) your favorite kind, I’ll eat that kind for you.  It is the least I can do since Scot won’t do it. Ha!


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