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RAGBRAI 2018 – DAY 2, POST 1

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I Ride For: Carrie…and boozy brownies!

I Ride For:  Carrie

The crowds here are huge!  This is my 6th year and I’ve known from the start that 10-20,000 people riding on the same street was a lot.  I’m good with standing in line (where do you think I do these posts?  Sitting quietly on a park bench?  Ha!), but the “crush” of people is too much.

So this morning it was time for new tactics. I was on the road by 6:30am.  And after 30 miles and skipping the 1st 3 towns, I got ahead of the mass of people. Yep, I’m the first one out of the LiveSTRONG camp, but way behind hundreds (maybe thousands) of others.

In honor of Carrie, who is hopefully on the “right” side of her cancer battle, I had a Rye Bacon Brownie (rye, as in rye whisky!) for my first fuel of the day. Yep, Mulder is drinking on the course. A first in RAGBRAI history. Well, at least this Mulder. I think Larry had a beer or two 6 years ago and I KNOW Cole has had a few beers between rides. (I don’t know about Ross 6 years ago. He was under age so I don’t want to know. Too soon!)

Carrie I’m glad to hear that your battle is going well. As part of the @LiveSTRONG manifesto says, “Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your life.”  My hope and prayer for you these last 3 hours has been that the memory steadily fades over time.


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