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RAGBRAI 2018 – Day 1, Post 2

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I Ride For: Holly

I Ride For:  Holly

Holly ran out of time just over a year ago. It is tough to decide what to write for someone like Holly and their loved ones. It feels insensitive to be funny and it is too depressing for everyone to be too serious.  This flag, however, was pretty easy to pick a topic for – Forgiveness.

I cannot do anything for Holly, but I can say I’m sorry to her friend who requested this flag, and to her family. You see, I got this request before she died, but could not get to it fast enough to get it to her.  I try to move requests up when I know the situation is dire, but sometimes no one really knows.

I always feel guilty about missing a flag like this. Today was no exception. I had finished the gravel loop (which was way harder than the last two years) and really wanted to take a break, but the towns were packed. There was not enough space for the flies to land!  So I kept going, feeling tired, and a little down.

I turned on some music. The second song was “Come On In” by the Oak Ridge Boys.  What a gift!  The chorus goes, “Come on in, you did the best that you could do.  There’s a little bit of right in every wrong. There’s a little bit of me in you.”  The song is about forgiveness – from God, a friend, and a Dad.

Holly, I know we never met and that even when you were here with your family and friends you had no idea that Donna had requested a flag for you.  While I know this, I still felt a twinge of guilt every time I did a flag in the last year knowing that I did not do yours in time.  Thank you for letting me off the hook this afternoon. #youaremissed


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