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RAGBRAI 2018 – Day 1, Post 1

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I Ride For: Kim

Biscuits & Gravy!

I Ride For:  Kim

What a beautiful morning!  It is cool, but not cold. There is almost no wind. And the sun is coming up through the early morning clouds.  The first 9 miles were slightly downhill or flat. And I got out early enough to avoid most of the crazy people. (Yes, everyone out here is a little crazy, but the early riders are the more normal of the bunch. They ride a consistent pace and don’t weave all over the road.)

I am currently half done with the gravel loop and almost half done with the day.  The gravel so far is a little mushy, but I’ve made it without putting a foot down.  I’m happy, and yes, even the gravel was relaxing.

This flag I’m doing for Kim has been with me for a long time. I brought it last year to Iowa and could not get to it. I actually road my full 100 miles for Kim about 3 weeks ago; however, I thought it would be cooler to post it from some little town in Iowa.

My first 29 miles of RAGBRAI 2018 were for you, Kim. So cool to hear that your battle with cancer continues to go well. In your honor (and because I’m hungry😋) I ate this super healthy breakfast of biscuits and gravy.


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