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RAGBRAI 2016 Day 1 – I Ride For: Glo

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I Ride For: Glo

As I write this, I am eating the absolute best double cheeseburger in the history of the world. It is so good that with each bite I can taste the pepper and salt on the burger. The bun is soft and so fresh.

Another tradition on RAGBRAI is the food. While I complain about the lack of vegetables, the food is quite good. There is a Farm Boys, Mr. Pork Chop, and Beekman’s. This hamburger is a new one for me. I’ll need to find a way to get it on everyone’s list.

This last section of the day was for Glo. Despite the fact that she is a huge Iowa fan, I agreed to do a flag for her. Glo has brain cancer, so I thought I should cut her some slack. (And no, Joan DeFilippo, I’m not going to make a “Go Blue” joke about her short term memory being fried because of the radiation. You told me she had a great sense of humor, but that would just be mean. What kind of friend are you?)  Joan also told me that her husband Ron, kids Alec & Meredith, and dog Hazel are the light of her life. (Then she wrote “maybe not the dog.” So now Joan you don’t like pets? Do you think Glo will just forget that you said this? Wow!)

Glo, thank you for choosing a friend like Joan. Cancer is a heavy topic and your friend gave me permission to keep it light. I hope you are doing better than you expected, and that soon you can put cancer in the rear view mirror.

Now I must ride the final 2 miles to my camp site. I’ve been sitting in this fantastic eating establishment cooling down and using their internet. That fantastic hamburger is all gone. But there is hope. Maybe there will be a McDonald’s at the next overnight town.

SHINE!  The Road Rider



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