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I Ride For: Jon

i Jun 22nd No Comments by

Jon ran out of time on June 1, 2013. So for the second time this year I road with a flag for the other survivors – Angela, Nicholas, and Rachel (Jon’s wife, son, and daughter). I only know Jon through the stories his cousin, Mark, as passed to me since his death. He sounds like he was a heck of a fighter. As I road this week with this flag, my thoughts kept moving to all these other survivors. We regularly read and see the heroic fight cancer survivors put up, but there are rarely any stories of the collateral damage cancer causes. I have no idea what Angela, Nicholas, and Rachel are going through. If there is any comfort at a time like this, I hope they will know that someone in Michigan is thinking about the fight they must continue without their husband and Dad. It stinks! It is not fair! I cried with and for you this week. I am sorry!



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