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I Ride For: George

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I met George (Mr. Martell) when I was in junior high. His son, Brad, and I did almost everything together for many years. The things I remember from that time about George are he took me for my first motor boat ride (my family did sail boats), we could not get in his car without making sure there was a towel under our feet (a clean towel!), and he taught me to put peanut butter on my pancakes (I won’t even touch a pancake today without peanut butter – why bother?). Today George is practically living at the Mayo Clinic. He has cancer that is along his spinal cord. He comes home for holidays but the half day drive is really tough. While I wish it was not needed, I was honored to make a $28 donation to Livestrong in George’s name and to pull this flag behind my bike. Although I do not eat many pancakes these days, I eat my oatmeal with a big glob of peanut butter and say a little thank you prayer for George.



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