I Ride For – Suzie

I Ride For – Suzie

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The flag says Suzie but it is her husband Tom and their 3
kids who are now the survivors. Most would say Suzie lost her
battle with breast cancer in August 2011. Although I never knew
her, I challenge this statement. From her friend Sandy I know that
Suzie completed the Sea to Sea bicycle ride in 2008 and found out
two months later that she had done it with un diagnosed breast
cancer. Sea to Sea as in across the country on a bicycle! Does this
seem like someone who loses? Not to me! To me Suzie ran out of
time. Sandy is doing this ride again this summer and wrote “the
lesson I have taken away from this experience is that we never know
if we are going to have a “later” to do something. I am so grateful
that Suzie did not get her diagnosis until after the bike tour,
because she enjoyed herself to the fullest and loved every minute
of it. In her honor another Sea to Sea rider, John, donated $50 to
LiveSTRONG and requested I do this flag. It is so cool that 1.5
years after her death, Suzie is still touching people. It is also
kind of scary. I sure hope I can leave this kind of legacy when it
is my time to go.


Keeper of the Stars – Mary & Jakobe

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