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Stage 3 -Richmond Hill, GA to Brunswick, GA – 66 miles

i Mar 3rd 2 Comments by

One would think that while on a bicycle tour there would
not be any major decisions one would have to make. Pedal fast or
slow – eat at Golden Coral or Bonanza – get up at 6:00am or at
6:10am. These are just not that critical. Today, however, I had a
significant decision to make. Do I stop for the day with 65 miles
or push on another 35. I did not like either of my choices. I think
I mentioned yesterday that ITIS COLD HERE! 32 degrees this morning
when I started. It never got above 43 degrees and by the time I had
my 65 miles in at 12:15pm the wind was blowing at 12-15mph. The
next 10 miles are straight into that wind. Seems like an easy
decision right? Stop for the day and do the last 60 miles tomorrow.
Here’s the catch, I can only ride for about an hour and a half at
temperatures like this before my feet are numb. If I wait for
tomorrow, it will take me 3 hours to get to the first place where I
can go inside and warm my feet. If I do that section today, the
first 10 miles will take me an hour but the last 25 will only take
another hour. (With a 15mph tail wind I can go pretty fast.) Well
it is 2pm and I have taken a shower and am now typing this journal.
So clearly I choose to stop for the day. Being the CEO of a top
notch building products company I thought others would like to
understand how I made such an important decision. I did my
research. I looked at the weather forecast and the maps and the
hotel options. I then talked to my advisors (Jeri and Larry). After
all this work the decision was still a toss up. So why did I stay
instead of pushing on? If you could see where I am sitting right
now it would be obvious. There is a Starbucks here and there isn’t
one 35 miles away. Of course I am not going to push on. I’m going
to sit here and drink my Iced Venti non-fat Latte with a short
straw and eat a piece of Lemon Pound Cake. No brainer! So tomorrow
I will hopefully finish this trip by riding into Jacksonville, FL –
60 miles. Thanks to my Dad, I do not have to worry about my bike
box. It did not get picked up on Friday as promised so he drove up
to Charleston this morning to get it. He is a cool dude! I only
beat him to the hotel by about 15 minutes. My plan is to bike in
around noon, pack up my bike, take a shower, and fly home. (I will
probably stop at Starbucks in the airport.)


  1. Jeff Webb
    March 3, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    good luck on the last 60. Hope you have tail winds the rest of the way. I guess your Dad must be feeling better.

  2. debbie
    March 4, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    You really do inspire me cuz!!


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