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Stage 2 – Yemasse, SC to Richmond Hill, GA – 62 miles

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I was supposed to go 49 miles today and stop in Savanna, GA. At 9:30am I only had 18 miles to go. I called the hotel and they could not get us into a room until 2:30pm. I looked and found another city 20 miles further on that had a Hampton Inn. When I called they had a room AND a guest laundry. Dad went on into Savanna to visit the Air Force 8 museum (the corp that flew all the bomber missions from England into Germany during WWII). I headed into Savanna. Most of that last 18 miles was into a 15mph head wind. Seems weird but that headwind was the decider for me. I felt good, it was sunny, and I only had another 21 miles so I kept plugging.

The only thing I saw in Savanna was a big sign for the Golf-stream factory. I did ride through what was probably a beautiful wild life preserve but I could not take my eyes off the road. Wind was gusting up to 25 and I was heading directly into it. For any who noticed that Larry went to a museum and may think, “At least Larry has a little class.” He stayed for one hour and half of that was a movie. When I asked him why he did not stay longer, his answer made perfect sense to me, “I saw it. No need to stay longer.” This is the same guy who will spend 2 hours studying a map to see if we can shave 1 mile out of the day. Apple does not fall far from the tree here. That’s cool to me.

Because of my extra miles today, I changed all the rest of my reservations. Assuming my bike box arrives from Charleston on Monday in Jacksonville I will be coming home. 60 miles tomorrow and 65 on Monday. Gonna be 32 degrees tomorrow when I start. No rain, however, so all should be good. I’m starting as early as possible to beat as much of the wind as possible. When I finished today it was 45 degrees with a 15mph head wind. I wonder what the wind chill calculation for that is. Actually I know – too damn cold for bicycling.


  1. Jeff Webb
    March 3, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Sorry you are having sharty weather, If you guys get delayed in Jacksonville let me know, you are welcome to stay here. I will be glad to pick you guys up. Hope wind cooperates today.


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