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Stage 1 – Charleston, SC to Yemasse, SC – 65 miles

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Nothing I thought about while biking today is funnier that the picture below.

Ross got a puppy a couple months ago. Although Jeri and I were completely against it, Ross has done a great job with this new responsibility, and we think the dog is pretty cool. This week we ended up puppy sitting. Today our friend Connie found this little present in my office. The only thing we can think of is while Rex had a little bowel problem this week he went in my office and farted. Actually he “sharted” because obviously more came out than gas. He then failed to inform us – how rude! This picture was in my messages when I got done bicycling today. How could anything else I write be better than this?

All went fine while bicycling today. Based on my journal from yesterday a couple people “suggested” that I look for 2-4 cool things along the ride. With about 20 miles to go I saw a sign that said “Historical Marker 1/2 Mile”. Great! Here was my shot to “see” something. About 45 minutes later I remembered that I was supposed to look for a marker 43 minutes ago. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will “see” something.

The Dutch Plodder showed up at the hotel this afternoon. He decided to come up, hang out in the evening with me, sag all my stuff to the next stop tomorrow, and maybe bike the last few miles with me. How cool is that! That is pretty un-selfish. (Maybe some of that will rub off on me someday.)

Besides knowing i need to keep a better eye on Rex, the lesson today was, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” Weather was cool today but no snow. Head wind most of the day but it was light. Very little shoulder on the roads but traffic was kind all day. No Starbucks but there was a water stop every 20 miles or less. Most of the time the glass is half full for me. I realized after about 25 miles today that I was thinking with a half full mindset. As soon as I turned it around the ride went much better. My butt is still sore tonight, but I am ready for a great day tomorrow.



  1. Jeff Webb
    March 2, 2013 at 11:02 am

    glad to hear your Dad is feeling better and all is going well. Enjoy and Hello to your Dad.


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