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Prologue – Charleston, SC (February 28, 2013):

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Both of my bags arrived on time and in tact. Crap! Now I am
actually gonna have to ride tomorrow. Despite all the years I have
bicycled all over the country I am doing something in the next two
days that I have never done before. I am touring all alone. I have
biked alone many times and many miles in day trips. I have biked in
a stage “tour” with hundreds of riders that I did not know. I have
biked thousands of miles with The Dutch Plodder (my Dad). But I
have never done a stage ride completely alone. It was not supposed
to be like this. We (The Dutch Plodder and I) had planned to ride
this together just like in the past. A trip two weeks ago to Haiti,
however, is preventing him from riding at least these first two
days. He ate something on he last day which has caused him to lose
8lbs in less than a week! Now if it were my body I would be
thinking fantastic – only 20lbs to go. But he is 6′ tall and cannot
weigh more than 165lbs to begin with. (He also told me it is tough
to train when you cannot be more that 15′ from a bathroom.) I have
mixed emotions about this trip. Overall I am excited. It is
something new. Will I get my butt out of bed before dawn like I
would with Dad or will I sleep in? Will I take longer-relaxing
breaks like I have always wanted or will I stop unload, reload,
check e-mail, and hit the road? Will I see any thing interesting
(Dad is always the one to look at the scenery and point out cool
stuff) or will I out my head down, turn up the iPod and go as fast
as possible? (Jeri knows that last question was a stupid one. I
will not see anything cool. It is all about the miles for me. No
interest is smelling the roses.) Whatever the next couple days
bring, it will be new and that excites me. On the other hand, I
feel a little guilty. There are other things I could (probably
should) be doing since my Dad will likely not be able to bike this
weekend. I think I am generally a selfish person, but I do not
usually feel selfish. Tonight I feel a little selfish. I am doing
something I want to do that does not make any else’s life better. I
am not raising any money (although anyone who reads this is welcome
to donate to my 2013 campaign). I am not supporting a group. I am
not bonding with anyone. It bugs the crap out of Jeri when I try to
accomplish 2 or 3 things in one event, which is always. Not this
time babe. I am just here to ride my bike. Weird! Test ride this
afternoon went well. Road down the the water and looked out at Fort
Sumpter. Interesting that this city was a significant part of the
Revolutionary war AND the Civil War. Lots of cool old houses. (Not
that I looked at any of them. It was all about getting the miles in
even today.). Maybe when I get to Savanna in a couple days I will
slow down a little and look at the historic sites. But probably


  1. Jeff Webb
    March 1, 2013 at 3:24 am

    will be thinking about you, you will be great. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he recovers quickly. Enjoy Savanah when you get there, such a historic city. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

  2. Susan K. Williams
    March 1, 2013 at 3:24 am

    Have an awesome adventure on your bike!!!!




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