Day 48: Green Springs to St Augistine

Day 48: Green Springs to St Augistine

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Subject: Journal – Goterdone Bike Tour – October 1, 2010


* Road from Green Cove Springs to St Augustine, FL –  28 miles

*Climbed a total of  280′ 

*Maximum elevation – In Florida!

*Total time on the bike –  2  hours and  32  minutes

*Average speed  11.8  mph (We stayed together the entire time.)


What a great morning for bicycling!  We slept in until 6:30am and did not start biking until 7:30am.  (Yes, this is exactly the same times as all the rest of the days, but it felt like sleeping in and starting late.)  Other than a 1 mile bridge close to the start we had a shoulder all the way.  The sun was shining.  There was no wind.  And we only had 25-30 miles to ride for the day.  Dad sure made the right decision to go on yesterday but to stop in Green Cove Springs.  What a great way to end the tip – with a 25 mile ride.  It felt like it must feel like to all but the sprinters on the last day out the Tour.  Everyone rides for fun.  There is no push to get out front and the winners drink Champaign.  Dad and I did not have Champaign but we did stop an McDonalds and had coffee and Cinnamon Melts – almost the same thing.

It ended up not being a sad day for me.  (Guess I got it out of my system yesterday.)  As Mary and the Port Sheldon Party Store says it was “A Grand and Glorious day”.  It felt good to ride.  It felt good to be finishing with Dad in our Southern Tier bicycle Jerseys.  It was cool that Jeri and Mom met us at the end.  Even the fact that we had to wait for 5 minutes a block from the beach so our welcoming committee could catch up with us and get to the beach before us was cool.  (Dad said, “I bet Armstrong never has to wait for his photographers.”  He probably does not but I would not trade ours for anything.)  We then found a shower at the airport, went out for a nice lunch, and Mom and Dad headed for Vero Beach and Jeri and I flew home.  Got home in time to see Ross last Water Polo game for the evening.  It just does not get any better than this.

So what is next?  I really have no idea.  Dad and I talked about doing the east coast during our trip this past spring, but this seem like too much to me right now.  We also talked about doing a bike trip that anyone in our family could join in on next summer.  I asked last night and the night before if there was anywhere he would like to bike in the US that Mom just does not want to do – like the Texas Hill Country.  He asked if there were any parts of my goal to bike the parameter of the US that I would like him to help me with.  Lots of options but no decisions right now.  It just feels good (maybe a little weird) to not have any Adventure Cycling Maps in my to do pile.

Maybe I will but a motorcycle to go along with my pony tail.  hahahaha 



Final Statistics

*San Diego, CA to St Augustine, FL

*Started on March 10, 2006 – Finished on October 1, 2010 

*9 separate trips

*47 days on the road

*2,850 miles

*81,658′ of climbing

*227 hours 45 minutes on the bicycle