Day 41: Dauphin Island to Pensacola

Day 41: Dauphin Island to Pensacola

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That was Refreshing!


*Rode from Dauphin Island, AL to Pensacola, FL – 67 miles
*Climbed a total of 761’
*Maximum elevation – 64’
*Total time on the bike – 5 hours and 32 minutes
*Average speed 12.1 mph


“That was so refreshing” is a phrase that my Mom used to use frequently. This was usually said after some form of exercise. Maybe she meant that it was refreshing to be done and in the air conditioning. What she implied was that the exercising was refreshing. I just rolled my eyes.

Well, the 307 miles we just did were absolutely refreshing and not because we are done with this trip. The long weekend with my Dad on a bicycle was truly refreshing. While I am sure my legs are a little fatigued, mentally I am back at full strength. Exactly what a vacation is supposed to do.

Part of the success was the preparation. Not just the worry stuff in the Prologue but the physical preparation. I tried to get in 100 miles a week in training with 4 days of stretching and upper body lifting. Other than the lower back issue, I had no issue – butt, arms, wrists, palms, and legs were all great. I think this is the first trip that I can say that.

The mileage was also perfect. 60-70 miles a day is a lot more fun than 80-90. The closer to 60 the better. It allows us 4-6 hours on the road. We can get in around 2pm plus or minus an hour. If we run into a problem there is time to recover. This much time off in the afternoon also gave our bodies time to recover for tomorrow. I will try to book this kind of mileage from now on.

The end is in sight. Only 510 miles to go! If we stick with the 60 miles a day, that is 8 days. As we ate dinner the last two nights, it is very clear that the end is in site. Sorry Mom and Jeri but we are already talking about what is next. (I think the east coast.)

Totals for the Trip – Baton Rouge, LA to Pensacola, FL
*307 miles
*5,430′ of climbing
*22 hours and 54 minutes on the bike