May 2008 Recap

May 2008 Recap

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Cancer sucks! Don’t you think that would be a great marketing campaign? Maybe I will talk to Lance when I see him and suggest it. Not! Guess that is why ODL pulled me out of marketing and put me back into sales a few years ago.

The first month of training went great. I did not quite have to spend all my free time on my bike, but close. 35 hours on the bicycle is a lot of time for me. One thing that did surprise me is I was not able to ride to work more than two times but still made my mileage goal. In fact I was able to surpass it by 39 miles. 562 miles in one month without an organized ride is the most I have ever done. (This does not count May 1, which was the last day of our Texas ride. With these 58 miles, I did 620 miles for the month. Cool!)

Now for the most important statistic! My fundraising goal was 6 for $25,000. (6 event rides of 100 miles or more) I was obviously sand bagging. As of May 31 people have contributed $16,705! (If you look at the web site, I have verbal commitments for $12,400 that is not showing.) With The Shine Foundation match I have a total of $33,410. How cool is that! A new goal now needs to be set. 6 for $60,000 sounds good to me. So that means I am now only half way.

Best gift so far was not the biggest. It was $50. I have to say, however, that $50 made the entire effort worthwhile. Of all the people I sent my original request to the person that could probably afford it the least was my son Beau. (Despite living with me for 18 of his 21 years, money management did not seem to rub off. Hahahaha) Yet the second day that the web site was up, he gave $50. It was the highlight of my week. He told me that it was only because of my Army jersey, so sorry people; I will have to keep it out there for a few more days.

With this new goal I need more donors. If you can think of anyone who would be interested in the adventures of The Road Rider this summer, will you pass along this e-mail? As an added incentive, anyone who contributes $500 or more to The Lance Armstrong Foundation – care of my web site, will be entered into a raffle for a 79 Pontiac TransAm Special Edition. The drawing will be held on August 22, 2008. Yes, those of you who have already given this or more will be included. (Sorry, family members are not eligible.) You can visit if you would like more information.

The month of June ends with the first Livestrong ride in Portland. If I hit my mileage goal and do the ride, I should have 601 miles the next time I send out an update. Then it is an event ride every other weekend through July. Should be either in really good shape or dead by the end of July.

Thank you for your support!

The Road Rider

May 4 127 8.5 1 3,843 200
May 11 155 9.5 1 4,698 199
May 18 175 11.0 0 4,012 200
May 25 105 6.0 0 1,591 200
Total 562 35.0 2 14,144
Livestrong Portland June 29 100 miles 28
Livestrong San Jose July 13 100 miles 44
ODL across Michigan July 29 152 miles 57
Livestrong Philadelphia August 24 100 miles 81
Apple Cider Century September 28 100 miles 118
Livestrong Austin October 26 100 miles 146

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Day 31: Langtry to Del Rio

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  • Rode from Langtry, TX to Del Rio, TX – 59 miles
  • Climbed a total of 1,886’
  • Maximum elevation – 1,574’
  • Burned a total 3,151 calories
  • Total time on the bike – 4 hours and 53 minutes
  • Total time on the road – 7 hours and 0 minutes
  • Average speed 12 mph

(See special note from The Dutch Plodder below!)

The gap is closed. We have now ridden from San Diego to Houston. The ride today was hot, hilly, and into a slight wind. (Anything under 15mph is now considered slight.) If I had not already written about chip-and-seal, I would now. It is not bad going up. We do not really go fast enough. On the way down and on flat areas, however, I bet it takes at least 3 mph out of our speed.

Looking forward to getting out of Texas! But we still have at least 100 miles from Houston to Louisiana. We do not know what we are going to do next. Probably start scheming tonight at dinner about this fall. We might try a 4 day weekend again and do 140 miles around some airport on the trip.

Despite the wind on Sunday, it was a great trip. We had no problems with equipment and no significant problems with our bodies. We both have sore butts, which is a sign of not enough training. The next stress in our lives will be getting our bicycles through security.

Beep Beep

Miles 379 1,875
Climbed 10,251’ 63,199’
Calories Burned 20,527 106,126
Time on Bike 31 hours 31 hours 147 hours

Each year, nearly 65,000 young adults between the ages of 15 and 40 are diagnosed with cancer.

Note from the Dutch Plodder:

I’ve just finished a fine steak dinner with Jeff at some Italian place in Del Rio. What a fine way to finish our Texas adventure. (This one. We still have more of this HUGE state to bike!! Not too much though.)

As I try to think about how it was, I think back on the last two Texas trips we took and conclude that I’m dang glad we are finished with the “vast, immense plains” of West Texas! They sort of remind me of pruning a field of blueberry plants—endless. Except that I can hire the field of blueberry plants pruned—I have to bike across the plains of West Texas myself. But we did, and I’m happy we’re finished.

I have three thoughts to share with you as I prepare to reenter my world of West Michigan:

  1. How fortunate I am to have Jeff, to not only bike with me—at my slow pace yet, but to be such a fantastic logistician to put together all the “stuff” that needs to be put together—sometimes on the bike, by cell phone, as we ride along. He’s amazing and I’m thankful.
  2. That I am healthy enough to do the biking I’m doing with him. Even though I’m sort of slow, I’m steady—well sort of.
  3. That I have this amazing soul-mate that says to me—go for it!

My life has indeed, fallen in pleasant places, and I am blessed and thankful.