Day 25: El Paso to McNary

Day 25: El Paso to McNary

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  • Rode from El Paso, TX to McNary, TX – 60 miles
  • Climbed a total of 446′ (total decent 750’)
  • Maximum elevation – 4,052′
  • Burned a total 3,923 calories
  • Total time on the bike – 4 hours and 15 minutes
  • Total time on the road – 6 hours and 5 minutes
  • Average speed 14.1mph

Much warmer today! 20% warmer to be exact. Now if we had started at 85 degrees and went up 20% we would be in trouble. But 20% of 20 is only 5. Yes, we started today in a balmy 25 degrees. No moisture and very little wind. No frozen water bottles either. Well, I really do not know. I used my Camelback until it was empty. By then it was at least 40. (When Sergio picked us up his car said 45 degrees – the high for the day.)

It was a great mini trip. A little cold, but everything else was perfect. Wind at our backs. Little traffic and very kind drivers where it did get heavy. No flats. No breakdowns. Many dogs, but none caught us or bothered once we got past. It was great.

Tried something different this trip that had me nervous, but actually was a non-event. I want to do the 5-500-50,000 ride the summer of 2009. It is 5 days biking in the Smoky Mountains, 100 miles a day, and a total climb of 50,000’. (Why? Because I do stupid things like this.) Anyway, to do this and have any kind of fun, I need to lose some weight. I have lost just over 10lbs since our ride in California this fall and I have another 15-20 to go. A couple weeks ago Jeri and I started a no bread, no pasta, no rice, and no deserts eating plan*. I can eat as much as I want of anything else. (The bread and pasta do not bother me. The no desert thing sucks!) It works though. I lost 4lbs last week. So why do I put this in my Journal? Because losing 4 pounds and avoiding all the foods that traditionally they tell you to eat before and during extended exercise was a little risky. I fully expected to “crash” around 40 miles yesterday. I did not. In fact I did a 15-mile section just after the 50-mile mark in just over 30 minutes. (The fastest I have ever ridden.) No headache at the end of the day, which has become standard. Maybe it was the weather or route or something else, but I feel pretty good about not “crashing” due to diet.

Our next ride is scheduled for the last week of April. We will close the gap between El Paso and Del Rio. We will then have over 1600 miles done and not quite half way to St Augustine. Maybe we can do another mini trip around New Orleans in the fall.

*We are following South Beach Diet as much as possible

Day 24: Hatch to El Paso

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  • Rode from Hatch, NM to El Paso, TX – 83 miles
  • Climbed a total of 1,000′ (total decent 1,200’)
  • Maximum elevation – 4,052′
  • Burned a total 5,487 calories
  • Total time on the bike – 5 hours and 54 minutes
  • Total time on the road – 8 hours and 15 minutes
  • Average speed 14mph

For any of you freaks who liked Physics here is a story problem for you. If you start out with 24oz of water at room temperature (70 degrees) and change the temperature to 20 degrees. How long does it take to freeze? Here is a little more information: the water is held in a cylinder made of plastic and is about 10” high and 2.5” in diameter and this container is being constantly submitted to 13.5mph of wind. Despite the fact that I got my only D in High School in Physics and took only one math class in college, I know the answer. Too damn fast!

We started out this morning and it was 20 degrees. No humidity and very little wind, but it was damn cold. It took 15 minutes for my water bottle cap to freeze shut, 30 minutes before I could hear ice chunks forming as I shook the bottle, and 45 minutes for one bottle to become complete slush. Fortunately after about an hour and a half it warmed up enough to thaw. By the way, at the 15 minute mark I was able to force a little water out of my bottle and it spilled down the front of me and onto my cycling computer. At 20 degrees water freezes in seconds. Computer was completely covered in ice. Still worked!

We had a great day. Weather warmed up and we and a slight tail wind the entire day. For those of you who have kept up with the Larry and Jeff saga, we started exactly at the spot where the dogs took us down two years ago. Yes, they were still there. Yes, they came out at us. Yes, we did walk the bikes past their house. Dad got pictures. They stopped barking and went back to their porch once we got 30’ past their driveway. 30’ was all we needed to finish in March of 2006.

Oh well we got her done now. Cannot take that away.

Tomorrow we will bike about 60 miles toward DelRio. This will take one day off our trip at the end of April.